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You're Not Alone: Running Events

Running events are organized races or marathons available to most any runner. Some marathons are organized as a means to assist a charity. Large cities host some of the most well-known marathons, but runners living in small towns can usually locate a smaller local run, such as a 5k, through a community organization. Running events allow a runner to test his or her current abilities and see if there are areas that need improvement. Many runners run the same races or marathons in an attempt to beat their previous times. In order to join in on these fun events, runners need to understand the basics of signing up and training for a race.

Picking the Right Event

Races are held all over the world and the courses and terrains vary greatly. When choosing a race, it's important that you pick an event that showcases your strengths or involves an area of running in which you want to improve. Sprints are quick races that let runners know how well they're doing with speed and endurance. If you've been training to run sprints, you will need to register for a few sprinting events in order to gauge how well you're improving your speed and endurance.

Bert Geens Long distance running events bring together the runners who like to test their endurance and stamina against others. Speed isn't as important because runners need to pace themselves so that they can finish out the race. Those trying to win the race will know when the opportunity arises to pick up some speed and move in front of the person ahead. If you like long distance running but want some variation, you can sign up for an ultra-running event or extreme running. These races involve long distances on different terrains and elevations, making them ideal for serious runners who have been training all year.

Marathons are popular because these races often attract large groups of runners from all over the area. Runners will even travel far distances to attend marathons popular with celebrities and sports professionals. If you've been training for a few months and have focused on pacing your stride, your best running technique, and your best time, a marathon may be the race for you. In many cases, runners aren't really competing against other runners, but rather trying to beat their own best time or distance from a previous marathon.

Signing Up

You can get information and sign up for most events online. Organizations and cities that host races will post race information on the website and allow you to register and pay online. If you're trying to run in a famous marathon, such as the New York or Boston marathon, you may have to sign up and hope that you're chosen to race. But smaller races and charity events usually have spots available for all interested runners. By signing up for events, you'll get to network with a number of people who love running as much as you do.

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