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What to Wear While Running

When choosing what to wear before your run you need to remember the basic purpose of running clothes, which is to keep you cool while running but warmed after you finish. Your muscles warm up as you run, so your clothes should keep you cool. As your muscles cool down after the run, you want the clothing to help keep your body warm so that you don't experience muscle tightness.

Running Clothes for Both Men and Women

The basics of running clothes include shorts or pants, shirts, socks, and shoes. Running shorts come in a variety of styles and fabrics, and you should choose the style that makes you most comfortable when running - http://www.mensfitness.com/styleandgrooming/fashion/10-best-running-shorts-men-2016. Loose running shorts, or split style, are good for short distances or when the temperature is extremely high. When buying shorts look for pairs that are lined with a breathable material, offer at least one pocket for storage, and have a non-chafing waistband.

runner female apparel If you're running long distances, you'll want to invest in at least one pair of compression shorts and tights. Compression pants help reduce muscle fatigue, and the tights offer a level of warmth during cold weather. Compression shorts and tights can be worn alone or underneath other shorts or pants. In the winter, you can layer running tights underneath sweatpants.

Runner's shirts are pretty basic and are pretty much anything you wear for squash, tennis, or any other active sport. You can opt for a singlet, a sleeveless style, or a long or short sleeve style. The important aspect of a running shirt is that it has moisture wicking technology to keep you dry with mesh vents or other breathable material. If you do a lot of night running, you will want a shirt with reflective material. In the winter, you can layer a lightweight runner's jacket over any shirt.

Lastly, choose shoes that conform to your foot and provide support - https://spryshoes.com/best-budget-running-shoes/. Pair your shoes with breathable, thin socks that help wick moisture away from the foot to prevent chafing and blisters. Some extra apparel that you may need depending on the weather includes a knit hat and gloves.

Running Clothes for Women

While men and women have similar running apparel styles, women do have some more options. Running skorts are compression shorts layered underneath a skirt. It's a stylish way to avoid muscle fatigue and wick away moisture while running. Running tights are also available as capris rather than full-length pants.

Women runners need to invest in a good sports bra to wear under their shirts. Sports bras should have some compression to provide good support, and the material should have mesh vents or breathable material to avoid excess moisture. Matching a good sports bra with a racerback tank or tight long or short sleeve running shirt will provide the most chest support.

Whether you're a male or female runner, it's important to layer your clothing during cooler weather and choose styles that help increase your performance. By wearing the right running apparel, you not only look stylish but help prevent muscle injuries and overheating while running.

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