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Social Running - Get Run Buddies

Some people think of running as a solitary sport because of the concentration and heavy cardiovascular workout involved. It's not a sport that allows for much talking and depending on the fitness level of others you exercise with, you may end up farther ahead or behind your friends. Running organizations realize the need for runners to have social clubs where they can meet up with other runners and network with people who enjoy and understand the different aspects of running. There are now online databases for runners to search by location and find local clubs that cater to the different needs of runners.

runners social females Different Types of Social Running Clubs

There are two main types of running clubs, those that get together and train for races and those that get together just to run. Clubs that train for races cater to runners who either want to run a full or half marathon. They offer different levels of training so that all runners can take advantage of meeting people and training on the appropriate level. Leisure running clubs also cater to all levels, but the main purpose of these clubs is to help runners improve their technique, endurance, and speed while enjoying the company of other runners. Both types of clubs usually offer walk/run options for true beginners.

Finding Free Running Clubs

Organized clubs that help runners train often charge a fee, but there are some free running clubs available. Ask at your local gym if they offer any type of running club for free. Some gyms will offer free clubs to those who agree to sign up for another class or sign up for a trial membership to the gym. Local groups and organizations, such as a hospital, a small college, or a business, also organize running clubs for community members. The duration of these clubs usually last a few weeks, and they may or may not happen on a consistent basis, but joining allows you to meet others who love to run. Once the club ends, you can always contact friends you've made in the club and set up dates and times for social running.

The Benefits of Social Running

Running with friends offers lots of benefits that you can't get when running alone. The motivation to run longer and harder relies solely on your own thoughts and willpower when running alone, but add a few friends and their support can really help motivate you to reach your running goals. Being with friends on a regular basis is also a great mood lifter and can help improve your mental health while you work on your physical health.

Running with others is also a great way to learn new techniques, have more experienced runners critique your current technique so you can improve, and it will keep you up-to-date on all the running events in the area. While running independently is effective and allows you to enjoy some alone time, mixing up your running routine by going with friends gives you all the benefits that running offers.

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