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Running Is an Inexpensive Way to Stay in Shape

Exercise trends are always changing and the trends making a debut on the market usually come with a hefty price tag. Even workouts that don't require a lot of equipment still want you to purchase a video set or meal plan that may not necessarily fit into your budget. Gyms offer a bevy of choices when it comes to workout equipment and classes, but most require a sign-up fee and a monthly membership fee. Running is an exercise that can be done anytime and in most anyplace, and all you need is a good set of shoes. Whether you're traveling or stuck at work for long hours, as long as there's available pavement, you can complete a quick run.

The Basics for Running

Running has significant health benefits. Runners often see a decrease in high blood pressure, an increase in good cholesterol levels, and an increase their overall fat and calorie burning. Fitness levels also improve with consistent running, making the heart stronger and more effective at pumping blood through the body.

What makes running inexpensive is that all you really need to get started is a pair of running sneakers and clothing. There is a variety of running shoes on the market, and you can find pairs that run on both the low and high ends of the money spectrum. But beware, according to Kendra Scott, a really expensive shoe doesn't necessarily mean it's the best for your foot shape. Shop around to find a decently priced pair of shoes that offer not only support for running but look stylish, too.

Accessories for Running

You can invest a bit more money by purchasing running accessories that provide you with information on your run, help increase your calorie burn, or provide entertainment while running. Many runners like to time themselves to find out if they are increasing their speed and endurance with each run. There are running watches and speedometers that measure the time it takes you to run, your speed, distance, and calorie burn. You can also find specially designed water belts that allow you to easily carry water with you on long runs.

Most runners like to have music when running. Not only does it make the time go by faster, but it can help motivate and push you to run farther and faster. Many people already own some type of music player, so all you will need to invest in is an accessory that allows you to secure the music player to your body so that it doesn't drop and break while you're running.

Serious Running

If you become serious about running, you may spend money on training for marathons and entering races. Some runners like to hire personal trainers to help them train for their first race. You may also want to purchase magazines or books dedicated to the sport of running. But if you're just looking to include running as part of your workout routine or to help increase your fitness level, you can do so easily and for a small investment.

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