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The Best Track&Field Competitions of the year

Track and field is a very popular spectator sport. This comes as a surprise to a lot of people who usually only pay attention to it once every four years. There are however plenty of big events besides the Olympics. Following are a list of the best track and field competitions of the year.

The best track and field competition of the year is going to depend on what year it is. Obviously the big event for track and field is the Olympics so if it is an Olympic year you can be sure that this is the best event of the season. All of the best athletes will be there and it is the event that they want to win more than any other. It is also the one time that many people will actually watch the sport. While track and field does have a fairly large and loyal following interest increases dramatically during the Olympics.

While the Olympics are the biggest event in track and field they are only held once every four years so if it is not an Olympic year you are going to have to look elsewhere for big events. Every other year the world championship is held and this is the second most important event for track athletes. At the World Championship there will again be all of the best athletes and in fact it is largely the same crowd as at the Olympics. The World Championship is held every other year so again depending on the year it may or may not be the biggest event.

The track and field event that is held every year that would be considered the biggest event in every non-Olympic and World Championship year would be the Golden League. This is actually a series events that are held around the world, although largely in Europe. There are only a limited number of participants who are allowed to compete so it is limited to the best athletes in the sport. While not as prestigious as the Olympics or the World Championship winning an event the Golden League comes with a large financial reward and winning the overall title an even bigger one. This obviously gives athletes an incentive to win.

If you have an interest in track and field or even if you are just curious about the sport you should definitely consider attending one of these events. If you don't live in an area where one of the major events is being held there is still almost certainly a high level track and field event near to where to where you live, like the NCAA championship for example. You can contact any place that sells sports tickets online to find out what is available and to buy tickets for any of the major events.

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